김웅 _ Oil on canvas _ 92x76cm _ 2011
김웅 _ Oil on canvas _ 76x122cm _ 2011
김웅 _ Oil on canvas _ 122x102cm _ 2011
박관욱 _ 캔버스에 혼합재료 _ 82x48cm
박관욱 _ 웨즈의 눈물(Fes PietaP) _ 캔버스에 혼합재료(은촉기법) _ 324x124cm _ 2011
박관욱 _ 캔버스에 혼합재료 _ 85x106cm
김웅 박관욱 2인전
2011.11.18 - 12.03

김웅      Ung, Kim

1970       Moved to New York

​1975       Norfolk at Yale University

1976      School of Visual Art,NewYork, B.F.A​

1978      Yale University,School of Art,New Haven,Conncticut, M.F.A

​Selected Solo Exhibition

2011      Gallery Yeh, Seoul​​​​

2007​      ​​Gallery Yeh, Seoul

2006      2X3 Gallery, NewYork

2005      Addition/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C

2004      SungKok Art Museum, Seoul

2004      Howard Scott Gallery, NewYork

2002      Gallery Ihn, Seoul

2000      M-13 Gallery, NewYork


박관욱      GwanWook, Park​

1984       MFA in Pratt Institute, New York City.
1981-83  Studied at New York University, NYC.
1974       BFA in Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul.

Awards & professional experiences;
2009       Organized gala and exhibited works for,
               'Fundraising show for Bigger Inha University' Incheon, Korea.
1989       Awarded travel-grant from Whanki Foundation, New York City.

1988       Incorporated Korean American Artist Society, and elected for President
               of the organization as registered in New York State. NY, New York.
1987       Representative member of advisory, Gallery Korea, Korean Consulate,NY, NY.
               Conceived and organized the show "Figurative Ideas", Gallery Korea, NY, NY.
1986       Conceived and organized the show “Isolation and Identity", Gallery Minor Injury, NY, NY.
               Awarded as exhibition-grant from 'Artist Space,' NY, NY.

Selected Solo Exhibition

2003       Gallery in Convention Center for Daegu Art Expo 2003, Daegu.
2000       Gallery in Hyundai Art Center, Ulsan, Korea.
1999       Gallery Hyundai, Seoul.
1995       Window Gallery in Gallery Hyundai, Seoul.
1994       Gallery Woong, Seoul


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