Untitled _ Peinture et collage, toile _ 65x54cm
Untitled _ Peinture et collage, toile _ 195x130cm _ 2010
Untitled _ Relief bois _ 132x84x13cm _ 2008
Untitled _ Relief bois _ 136x130x6cm _ 2003
얀 보스
2010.09.17 - 10.16

얀 보스  Jan Voss

​​Jan Voss studied at Munich Art Academy and lives in Paris since 1960.
He has started the first activity in 1963 and usually worked within

group handling narrative conception.
The early part of his works expressed the usual reality by forming
simple stories on fabric with painted animals or character designs.
Afterward, the artwork changed from expression of the usual reality
to the style consists of layout that is made of lines.

The work of Jan Voss itself is substantial and has condensed power
in compressed space. We can feel by closing our eyes like touching
the work that feels like flashlight is crossing on the surface.
We can enjoy the pleasure from his work that has the appearance of
lines, figures and causes being folded, robbed and overlapped on the

flat surface of rough materials.


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